We’re starting to see some photos from the new Steven Meisel for Louis Vuitton campaign in the UK Vogue & Harpers August issues, and in Vanity Fair and W Mag in the USA. Stay tuned… 


 Paula Patrice eBay

well maybe not literally, but figuratively

I'm selling off all of the crazy fashion, couture and little "trucs" i've acquired during my globe-trotting modeling years.

It's a 300 square foot climate-controlled closetful so I've got my assistant Loni to help me, and it'll take a few months.

You can view the action as it goes down on my personal eBay page (click here) .

If you've got a size 10 / 41 shoe or wear a size 6, this may be your lucky season!!!

Galliano, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, oh my gosh the most gorgeous Gucci vintage stilettos… and hot pink stiletto patent leather Stuart Weitzman boots!

Check me out, please give my stuff a good home! xo 

this is beyond cool, & it's actually affordable!

Zero G plane ride

if anyone buys it, please take me Laughing 


Treat yourself and 9 of your bestest friends- Go Weightless!!

Like Nothing on Earth!   gforce2
The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly like Superman can now be yours. Train with an expert coach, board our specially modified aircraft, G-FORCE ONE , and experience the unforgettable.

Experience zero gravity the only way possible without going to space. Parabolic flight is the same method NASA has used to train its astronauts for the last 45 years and the same way Tom Hanks floated in Apollo 13.

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NEC LaVie G Hello Kitty laptop

Oh, how it shines! I must have it now. I simply MUST!

*begin yoga breathing* ok, who do we know in japan that can acquire it for me?



the Formula 1 Grand Prix was fantastic, and of course Monte Carlo was breathtaking!

formula 1 monte carlo the chicane & the pits at the marina


Paris. Been there. Done that. Innocent

Click Here to see the evidence. 


jojo shakerdge shakes her shaker in paris  Paula Patrice in Paris at private club Black Calvados


paris eiffel tower


i am off to paris with jojo for the long weekend, fresh on the heels of Fashion Week.

fashion, shopping, dining, parties..
we are already guest listed for all our evening social soirees.


staying on the Champs Elysees. Gorgina!!! 

woot woot!!!  

ciao lovies Kiss

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